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Come get RevIV'ed!

We offer customized IV hydration drips, IM injections, weight loss management and Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

Water Drops

Why Choose RevIV? ​

Concierge treatment in the comfort of your own home

Based out of Belmont, NC and now offering in office visits in Mount Holly, NC, Bailey serves all of Charlotte and Metro areas. Bringing you high quality, preservative free ingredients that are customized to fit your individual needs. With over 17 years experience as an ER nurse, Bailey is equipped with a vast knowledge in health, disease and prevention measures needed to keep you functioning at your highest level of health. 

What Our Guests Are Saying

Wow! I didn't know what to expect & I guess I was a little fearful (even in my 'senior' years I'm not a fan of needles!) Bailey was great & I honestly didn't even realize she already had my drip started til she told me! Afterwards, I felt Great, Energized, Renewed & Hydrated! This was such a Wonderful experience & can't wait til my next treatment! Thank you Bailey!

Bailey is terrific! She made the entire process very comfortable and informative. Oh yeah, I'm scared to death of needles too!

How do I start, this was the most amazing experience with the owner. One, she’s extremely kind, understanding when you are scared of needles, she explained everything before hand which made me feel very comfortable. I would highly highly recommend this to anyone looking for a IV drip!

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