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We are open all major holidays with limited hours. There is a $100 fee when booking during holiday or after hours treatments. 

What if I dont know what kind of drip I need/want?

No worries! We can go over the ingredients and come up with a plan when I arrive if you are unsure. We will discuss your goals and make a plan from there!

How long does an IV drip take?

The drip itself only takes 30-45 minutes. All drips are mixed onsite so the preperation takes about 15 minutes per drip. 

How do I get started on the weight-loss program?

If you are a new client or it has been over one year since your last visit, you will need to complete a Telemedicine Consult with Dr. Wiggins first.

Once your consult is scheduled, one of our team members will reach out to you regarding medication option as well as pick up or delivery options as well. And YES we ship!

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