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Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Providing Everything You Need For Low T. Our process is as easy as 1..2..3..!

Blood Test

Total Testosterone and basic labs are required before your first visit. If you have a PCP and wish to complete your labs with your doctor, we will accept labs completed within 45 days. 

We also offer lab services combined with quarterly consult and repeat labs with testosterone dosing as a package deal. 

Individual lab fees: $100+

Lab review fee: $50

Once your labs are complete and you have qualified for TRT, you will have an appointment with Dr. Wiggins to go over results and plan of care. Included in your package, you get a telemedicine visit every 3 months (every cycle).

Consult Fee: $50

Drug and Syringe

Dosing Time!

You and Dr. Wiggins will develop the best treatment option for you. We will get your prescription ordered and deliver or ship to you with full instruction on administration as well as education on what to expect, side effects and future appoints.

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